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27th Mar. 2016

How to Use C.Basic

Installation of C.Basic

For the first installation or updating to latest version of C.Basic, down load the C.Basic and transfer it to your fx-9860GII using PC Link software FA124A and USB cable which are included in your fx-9860GII package.

It's simple to transfer C.Basic to your fx-9860GII, Import the downloaded C.Basic to FA-124A and then transfer the C.Basic to your fx-9860GII.

- Download C.Basic

Install FA-124A to your PC

Import C.Basic at FA-124A
Start up FA-124A
Switch to Storage Memory Mode
Import C.Basic to FA-124A

Transfer C.Basic to fx-9860GII
Connect fx-9860GII to FA-124A
Transfer C.Basic
Check transferred C.Basic

Optimization of Memory

Download C.Basic

Download Latest Verion, store in proper folder and unzip the downloaded file (ZIP file). CBASIC.G1A in there is C.Basic Add-in File.

Install FA-124A to your PC

If you want to install FA-124A in your favorite launguage, you should use CD which is included in your fx-9860GII package and select your favorite language before the installation.

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Import C.Basic at FA-124A

Start up FA-124A

When FA-124A is started up, Main Memory mode is selected, in this mode Calc icon button is pushed in.
When mouse cursor comes over the Calc icon button, "Main" is popped up.


Left pane shows files in Calc and right pane shows files imported in FA-124A of your PC. Now you use right pane to import C.Basic Add-In file (CBASIC.G1A) at FA-124A.

fx-9860GII has Main and Storage memory, so FA-124A has also Main and Storage memory mode which you can siwtch each other. At starting-up, FA-124A is in Main memory mode.

An add-in program is installed and used in Storage memory of fx-9860GII. Since C.Basic should be transferred to Storage memory, you should switch FA-124A to Storage memory mode.  

 Switch to Storage Memory Mode

In right pane, click "Storage " mode button (on the right side of Calc icon button) to switch to Storage mode.


 Import C.Basic to FA-124A

Click on "Default" by right button of your mouse, then select "Import" at pop-uped menu.


Then Insert CASIO File dialog is shown, where,
- select folder where CBASIC.G1A is stored,
- select file type as G1A File(*.g1a),
- select CBASIC.G1A,
and click Open(O) button.

Then check if there is CBASIC.g1a in file list at right pane.


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Transfer C.Basic to fx-9860GII

Connect fx-9860GII to FA-124A

Connect fx-9860GII to PC by USB cable, you will see following pop up window (Select Connection Mode) at your calc.


Then push [F1] (DataTrans), then click very left button ("Connect" button) in left pane of FA-124A.


Waiting until connection is completed, then you will see "User1" in left pane.


Transfer C.Basic

Push left button of your mouse on the Impoted CBASIC.g1a in right pane and drug to "User1" in left pane then drop it (Drug & Drop).


Check if there is CBASIC.g1a in file list of left pane.


Check Transferred C.Basic

With your fx-9860GII, push [MENU] key to show MAIN MENU and check if there is C.Basic icon.


Select C.Basic ison and push [EXE] key to run C.Basic.

Starting up C.Basic, you will see File List screen and key in [SHIFT][MENU](SET UP), C.Basic Setup menu is shown.


In Function menu shown in bottom, push [F6](Ver.) key to show version of C.Basic and check is correct version is installed.


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Optimization of Memory

C.Basic itself (add-in file) and Casio Basic source files should be installed in Storage memory. After meny times of file writing, files are fragmanted and actually usable memory size is getting descreased. Optimization solves the fragmentation to get back usable memory area. It's recommended to carry out memory Optimization at the installation or update of C.Basic.

Push [MENU] to show MAIN MENU and select Memory icon,


Push [EXE] key to start Memory Manager.


Then push [F5] (F5: Optimization) key to run memory Optimizarion feature.

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